Heating Oil Illegally Dumped

Portland, Maine recently had the displeasure of old, home heating oil dumped onto to their neighborhood streets. Over 150 gallons of oil were spilled endangering the welfare of the community and those who live there. The culprit deposited the oil so he could turn his old, rusty tanks in for scrap money, which he only received $69.

It’s safe to say this man obviously didn’t own a Roth Double-Wall tank since they are guaranteed never to rust. Also, no one in their right mind would dispose of a tank built to last and so high in quality. Contact a Roth seller today to get that “I’ll never want to dump my oil” feeling.

Interested with what else happened in Portland? Read the full story here http://www.pressherald.com/news/old-home-heating-oil-dumped-illegally-in-city_2012-07-14.html.