Oil Tank Thieves

People living in rural areas of the UK have been bitten by the crime bug. Criminals have been stealing oil out of their home heating oil storage tanks, among other valuables, for the past few years. The offenders will sometimes disguise themselves as workers to scout out the facility and then will come back with a group to rob the owners. These acts of mischief have cost farmers upwards of £57.2 million worth or damage ($65 million US).

In response to the criminal outbreaks, property owners have used several methods to protect their possessions. They’ve put noisy geese in front of tanks to alert the owners if someone is there, traditional locks and even llamas. Using a llama seems to be novel, but some farmers have used them because of their aggressive nature, loud alarm call and ability to chase away invaders.

Roth Double-Wall tanks may be a high target because of their superior look and function. Although the Roth Installer Finder does not show the nearest place to buy a llama, it never hurts to check the security of your tank. Crime can happen to anyone, help prevent it by regularly checking the tank to make sure it’s secure… or just buy a llama.